Book Review – Think and Grow Rich

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Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a great book. The copy I bought was cheap and difficult to read, so I linked to a better copy.

This book is way different than any other book I’ve read, so my review is going to be different too.

It was written after Napoleon’s 25 years of research on what makes people successful. He interviewed countless people, including Andrew Carnegie, traveled around the world, and read a lot more books than most people ever will to figure out how it works.

The result was a book he says should be treated like a textbook.

He wrote about 13 powerful tools that he found all successful people had in common. If you and I can learn to use those tools, then there is nothing that we can’t do – according to Napoleon.

In the beginning of the book, Napoleon says that it holds a secret to success that some people will find, but some people won’t. It comes as an idea or a plan, and the person reading might not even realize they’ve found it.

I thought that I found it, but after reflecting on it, I have decided that the secret changes based on your current situation. My idea is that what I got from it a week ago will be different than what I find when I reread it.

Like I said, this review is going to be different. I’m not going to tell you what is written inside, summarize it, or go over the important points.

I believe that the ideas in this book are too powerful for me to mess with, so I won’t.

I guess this is a “buy it if you want to find out” sort of thing, so…

CLICK HERE to buy Think And Grow Rich and learn how to change your life for the better.


Who am I or Napoleon to say that you can think and grow rich?

Before you overlook this book, or before you buy it, ask yourself this:

“Could I think and grow rich?”

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