Book Review – Hatching Twitter

Hatching Twitter Book Review

Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal by Nick Bilton was an interesting book to read. It opened my eyes to how much work is going on behind the scenes of Twitter whenever I tweet.

In the beginning, Nick Bilton introduces the four most influential people to the creation of twitter, Ev, Noah, Biz, and Jack. Each of these people were given their own respective chapter, which introduced them to the reader. Nick goes into a lot more depth, but I will give you a quick summary of each of them.


Evan Williams was born in Clarks, Nebraska. Growing up, he spent his time working on his computer, rather than going out and partying. With that came loneliness, and that loneliness inspired him to create a little website known as Blogger. In his mid-twenties, Ev sold Blogger to Google for millions of dollars and was on the look for a new technological adventure.


Noah watched as his neighbors spent their days working on their computers. Late in the night, and early in the morning, they would be working behind the glow of their computers. Noah wanted to know what they were doing and, once he asked, found out that they were working on a website that he used, Blogger. After meeting Ev and bonding through their mutual interest in Blogger, Noah started working with them.


Christopher “Biz” Stone had earned himself a very good job in Google. After their recent purchase of Blogger, Biz was becoming very familiar with Ev, although they hadn’t met yet. He was starting to daydream about what it would be like to work with the man who created Blogger, and, one day, that man walked into Google HQ. One thing lead to another, and Biz ended up leaving to work with Ev, not caring about the safety he left behind.


Jack Dorsey was a nerdy guy who loved his nose ring. He had a job where he wasn’t allowed to wear it, so, instead of taking the ring out, he wore a band-aid over top of it. Every day. While he was hanging out in his usual coffee shop during the weekends, he saw a guy in line that he recognized. This was the guy who made millions selling Blogger to Google. While Ev was standing in line, Jack found Ev’s email, emailed him, and began working for him shortly after. Jack would become Twitter’s first CEO.

Twitter went through a lot of trouble, in both programming and leadership. It was built on a weak foundation, which caused a lot of problems until it was fixed, and its two most prominent leaders could never agree on where they wanted to go with twitter.

To read about what happens after these four start working together, and to read about the internal power struggle that resulted in Twitter having three different CEOs in four years, you are probably going to have to buy Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal.

If I managed to keep your here for all 514 words, you must have been somewhat interested! If you enjoyed this review, or even decided to buy the book, please like and/or share this post. It helps me a lot.

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