Finding More Time

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One of the most commonly used excuses I hear is “I don’t have enough time,” or “I’m busy.” While I was listening to a video by Tai Lopez, he said something that I completely agree with. His mentor, Joel Salatin, once told him, “When people tell you that they don’t have time, add two words to the end of it: for that. People make time for things they really want to do.”

Here are a couple tips for finding more time:

  • Eat smaller lunches and use the remainder of the time however you like
  • Sleep for six hours, instead of eight, or nine, or ten
  • Optimize your surroundings so that you are not distracted
  • Prioritize with a to-do list
  • Set goals that will motivate you
  • Innovate with everything you do
  • Commit to any schedule you make
  • Figure out when you are most productive (morning, afternoon, dinner time)
  • Try to avoid wasting time on social media news feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat Stories
  • Stay ahead of house-chores

Here are some tips to find time to read:

  • Keep books on your nightstand to read right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up
  • Take a twenty-minute break during the day and go somewhere quiet to read, like an office, library, or even a bathroom stall
  • Instead of showering, take a bath, read, and enjoy yourself
  • Have books downloaded to your phone
  • Keep a pair of headphones handy to listen to an audiobook
  • Read while walking your dogs or on a treadmill
  • Consider carrying a backpack to keep your daily essentials in, as well as a book or two
  • Turn off all notifications on your phone that you don’t need to worry about while you read

Use Your Time Effectively

The most important thing to remember is that there are twenty-four hours in a day. Keeping that in mind, I am going to use myself as an example to help you figure out how much time you actually have:

I spend six hours of my day sleeping (thanks to a tip from Arnold Schwarzenegger), seven-and-a-half hours at school, and, let’s say, an hour eating.

6 + 7.5 + 1 = 14.5 hours that I “can’t” use.

24 – 14.5 = 9.5 hours that I have to spend on whatever I want.

This is where motivation and goals come in. Even if you realize that you are wasting a large portion of your day, it doesn’t matter unless you can figure out how to use that time.

Now here is the trick, you can buy yourself time throughout the day. For example, if I want to spend more time reading, I could read a book while I ate, cooked, waited in line, or sat in traffic (I don’t recommend getting caught while doing the last one).

People waste a lot of time.

Here is a powerful example of how people convince themselves that they are busy, when, in reality, they are wasting a lot of time every day. I took it from Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are interested in this book, I recommend that you read the book review that I wrote for it.

“‘Well, the day is twenty-four hours. Have you ever thought of working more? Maybe even taking more classes? Instead of wasting your life away?’
The class was shocked to hear me say this. ‘I’m not wasting my life away!’ said the student.
‘Yes, you are. You’re talking about six hours a day. The day is twenty-four hours, so you have eighteen hours left. Maybe you need six for sleeping. So if your part-time job takes four hours, you still have time for dating and dancing and drinking and going out. Why are you complaining?'”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger in his book, Total Recall

If you learned something from this post, or if it inspired you, please like and/or share it. You have no idea how much it helps me.

4 thoughts on “Finding More Time

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I keep struggling with spending my time on useful things instead of wasting them away with doing nothing. I will definitely take some of these tips with me.

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