Book Review – How to Win Friends & Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People Book Review

“There is only one way under high heaven to get anybody to do anything. Did you ever stop to think of that? Yes, just one way. And that is by making the other person want to do it.”
Dale Carrnegie

Having been around for 75 years, and selling more than 15 million copies, I was not surprised that How to Win Friends & Influence People was a fantastic book.

What I found extremely interesting about this book is that, like Dan Ariely discovered in my first book review, Dale Carnegie is convinced that every person’s deepest desire is “the desire to be important.” Both of the authors agreed that by giving somebody a complement or acknowledging their hard work, you tap in to what motivates them.

In this book, Dale Carnegie reveals an idea in each chapter that is essential to everyday life. These ideas apply to the following skills:

  1. The Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
  2. How to Make People Like You
  3. Winning People to Your Way of Thinking
  4. Changing People Without Offending Them

All of these skills are incredibly useful, and Dale has written 23 chapters packed with examples of how to do these things effectively.

I read this book a couple of months ago, and have tried using some of these ideas myself. They work! I have a thirteen-year-old brother, and, as I’m sure you know, kids his age won’t listen to anybody because they are convinced they have everything figured out. But, thanks to the tips Dale Carnegie has given me, I have managed get him to do the odd job for me, without making his hormones blow up in my face.

Whether you are working in an office every day, managing a big business, or raising kids, this book will teach you a skill that will make your life so much easier: Managing People.

Follow this link to get your copy of How to Win Friends & Influence People.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review – How to Win Friends & Influence People

  1. Discovered your blog from “First Friday” and I’m really happy I did, got many non-fiction books to add to my list! But this book? I know how smoothly it works, and it works like MAGIC! I’m still reading the book in my free time, and I know this is going to be amazing! A really wonderful lesson taught to the readers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Tyler!

    You have such a unique take, and a powerful voice, when it comes to the whole book review thing. I never reach for books like this one, for example, but it sounds like a super interesting read. Also, the layout of your blog is pretty fantastic. Keep doing what you’re doing! Looking forward to more posts 🙂


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